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Blood Sweat & Tears [+ Dope 100M Goal]

Hey guys! As you all know, BTS released their second full album WINGS on October 10th, 2016 12:00 KST. Now, along with this release, BTS also dropped a new MV for their second track of the album, Blood Sweat & Tears. After about a week and a half later, the MV reached 26M views! Incredible!

Now for some really bigs news … BTS’ Dope MV has almost reached a whopping 100M views! We are only 2M away and I’m sure we can achieve 100M well before the end of this year. Dope is not only a great song, but it’s a very special song to me because it’s the very first BTS song I ever listened to and in fact, it was the one that got me into not just BTS, but K-Pop in general. And I honestly do not regret it one bit. :’)

So, ARMYs, what do you say? Can we get Dope to 100M soon? And how about 50M for Blood Sweat & Tears? Let’s do it! Bangtan Fighting! 💖