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BTS Confessions: V

Credit goes to and for the idea and ownership of these Confession posts! (´ε` )♡



Thoughts on Confession #1: V – he’s fun, bubbly and clearly a joy to be around. I also wish I could be friends with someone like him because he’s definitely best friend material. I can imagine having pillowfights at sleepovers, going to amusement parks (I’m absolutely terrified of roller coasters, mind you (((><)))) and making jokes while dying of laughter with someone like him (or him ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ).



Thoughts on Confession #2: People are so used to seeing V as a hyperactive little kid. As I’ve said numerous times, it’s hard to live up to an image that others assume you’re okay with having. I do think that V is just an innocent kid at heart so I understand why people would feel concerned if that were to change all of a sudden, but I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions. Sometimes people are just tired of being who others want them to be, at all times. They might also want to experiment with their image, if you will.



Thoughts on Confession #3: x Scrolls back up to Confession #1 x 
Can I be your friend then? 〜(><)〜



Thoughts on Confession #4: Oh, ARMYs. Like our name, we’re fighters and stand by our boys. But sometimes, just sometimes, we push it too far. Notice how I said ‘we’ instead of ‘they’. It’s because we all represent the fandom. You know the saying “One bad apple spoils the bunch“? That would apply perfectly to this situation. I mean, the girl was acting in the music video. It’s not like her and V made out after filming (and even if they did, who are we to judge what V does with his love life?). I think people just love to overreact when their idols even come in contact with a person of the opposite sex.



Thoughts on Confession #5: I feel like this Confession was most definitely aimed towards Confession #2. But I do agree. I mean, I hate when people confine others to an identity. I think this is me mostly speaking from personal experience but you wouldn’t like it very much if people wanted you to always look and act a certain way for it to be considered normal. Freedom in expression is very important to me so I feel that anyone, not just V, should be able to (as cheesy as it may sound) be themselves because there’s never been anything wrong with being honest with your true self.



Thoughts on Confession #6: I know that a lot of girls really like V because of his adorable and childish personality (it also helps that he’s physically attractive as well). In fact, I think majority of ARMYs have him as their bias or bias wreckers. I’ve participated in a lot of polls that determine which member is the most popular and it’s always V that receives the most votes. I know people love him but I do agree that he’s kind of overrated sometimes. For example, there was a poll for who the best rapper in BTS was. If you didn’t already know, V is a huge fan of Rap Monster, J-Hope and Suga’s Cypher Pt. 3.

So as a little bit of a joke, they put V as one of the options in the poll. And the results were Suga getting 52% of the votes, Rap Monster getting 25% , J-Hope with 10% and V with 14%. I mean, V isn’t even an official rapper of BTS and he got more votes than J-Hope. Just goes to show what popularity does for you. I might go as far as saying it’s a little insulting. Don’t get me wrong, V is a great guy but you can’t say that this isn’t just the slightest bit off:



Most people are aware that V is known as the “4D Alien” of BTS. Some people are happy about that because they think it enables them to know when something is wrong while others think that the name is downright limiting him to a certain personality. Regardless, I believe he’s an immature but fun-loving child at heart and he’s obviously well-liked by many, which is a problem for some. But it’s not a secret that people’s biases change all the time, so you never know – those are popular now may not be popular in the future. I just hope people remember that not everything is a popularity contest and what’s most important is that people have a chance to be who they really are without having the fear of being judged.

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BTS Confessions: Jin

Credit goes to and for the idea and ownership of these Confession posts! (´ε` )♡



Thoughts on Confession #1: Okay, let’s be real here. There is no way in hell that anyone is going to say these things about Jin and not regret it a second later. Because come on, he’s the mother of BTS. They need him just as much as he needs them. I don’t really know much about the whole recruitment and trainee aspect of K-pop but you can’t seriously be doubting BigHit’s decision to put him in BTS. His voice is unique and different, I’ll give you that, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t belong in the group entirely. Every single member of BTS has such a distinct voice and that’s what I love about Bangtan so much. Every person has a role, a completely different role from everyone else, but an important one nonetheless. And together, they blow it completely out of the water with all the talent they have. For me, there’s no doubt in my mind that Jin, and the others, belong in BTS.



Thoughts on Confession #2: (plz watch the video (*^ω^))

I don’t think I need to say anything else. <( ̄︶ ̄)>
(I’m so proud of you, Jinnie Hyung 。゚(TヮT)゚。)



Thoughts on Confession #3: Jin has always had this air of confidence about him and his looks, in particular. I don’t think he means any harm and I think it’s a bit much to call him vain, narcissistic or selfish. Not to mention that he’s also the group’s visual so I don’t blame him for caring about his looks more than the others. Yes, he has a pretty face but don’t forget that he’s also a sweetie at heart. He takes care of his Dongsaengs so well by cooking for them, feeding them and comforting them.

What I’m trying to say is, if his confidence in his looks turns you away from him, look at the bright side, he’s a caring and kind Hyung that is always there for his Dongsaengs.



Thoughts on Confession #4I want to give everyone in BTS a hug. x sighs x Well, a person can dream, can’t they?


Some people want to hear less of Jin, and others more. Some people think Jin cares too much about how he looks while others want a close-up of how Jin looks (and smells). My opinion on all of this is that Jin is a member of BTS and nothing you do or say can change that. He’s the Eomma and he has such a caring and loving personality, so don’t you ever take that away from him. When you’re a celebrity and you get judged as much as he does, it’s clearly impossible not to care about how you look. In terms of his singing, I really like listening to his voice, it’s soothing and I haven’t heard any other voices like it. Nothing good comes out of comparing members to other members. So let’s leave it at that: Jin is a member of BTS that is loved by many and nothing you do/say can change that.  ⌒(o^▽^o)ノ



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BTS Confessions: Jimin

Credit goes to and for the idea and ownership of these Confession posts! (´ε` )♡



Thoughts on Confession #1: If you saw my All About Jimin post (in case you didn’t, here it is:, you would have found out that he’s a hard working guy who practices day and night, sometimes to the point where he only gets 3 hours of sleep. [x shudders (@_@) at the thought of less sleep x] But it’s clear that because of this, he’s lost some weight:

2013 Jimin vs 2016 Jimin


I think the problem started when a fan told Chim Chim was fat (I’m not sure when but I’m willing to travel back in time to punch that “fan” in the face ٩(ఠ益ఠ)۶). It also didn’t really help that his abs were featured in the No More Dream MV and stuff. I know a lot of ARMYs who worship Jimin for his body and that’s the worst thing you can do to a celebrity, which is for them to look a certain way for popularity.  (–_–)

I’m not sure when that Confession post was made but at some point, his mentality clearly changed and I really hope he’s choosing to eat more because he’s perfect the way he is and he shouldn’t need to lose weight for anyone. (#throwback):

I wish people could see that health should always be our number one priority, not looks or popularity. So if you’re ever questioning if you should eat that slice of pizza, I say go for it and eat it all. 



Thoughts on Confession #2: I love it when people laugh at their own jokes (and not just because I do it too \(^▽^)/) and Jimin is no exception. It also helps that his laugh is just. adorable. As they say, Laughter is the best medicine. 



Thoughts on Confession #3: A lot of people are aware of how hard Jimin works for ARMYs. There is definitely a limit to everything, including how far he’s willing to go for his fans. I know he’s a hard-worker at heart (all the members are) and I’m sure he wouldn’t hesitate to please his fans, but it’s more important to put your health first. I believe he’s always had his heart in the right place, though. I hope he knows that his kind, joyful self is what appeals to us and that how his body looks won’t affect our love for our Chim Chim.



Thoughts on Confession #4: You’ve heard of Eat Jin … now, get ready for … Eat Jimin, Eat V, Eat Jungkook, Eat Suga, Eat Rapmonster and Eat J-Hope! (Aha, I wish (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)). I love watching Eat Jin episodes and I would love to have the opportunity to watch the other members eat, too (Is that weird? ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭). This may sound cheesy, but I think eating brings people together. I personally love watching cooking shows and food holds a very special place in my heart, as does BTS. Bring them both together? Magic. ヾ(・ω・)メ(・ω・)ノ


I would say that a lot of people are concerned about the way Jimin carries himself off-camera. He doesn’t hesitate to please his fans at any given moment but I hope he knows that what’s important is for him to be healthy and happy with who he is. As Suga hyung said, “Don’t lose weight.” and I can justify that by saying that Jimin, you are perfect just the way you are. Don’t change yourself for other people.



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BTS Confessions: J-Hope

Credit goes to and for the idea and ownership of these Confession posts:



Thoughts on Confession #1: ARMYs know all too well that J-Hope is our fluffy ball of sunshine. He’s the reason we have springs in our steps and smiles on our faces. But what happens when the fluffy ball of sunshine turns into a storm cloud? Boy, I can hear the thunder already.

I think a great example of J-Hope getting mad was in the dance battle they had on American Hustle Life. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the clip of it:

In a nutshell, the video is about BTS and a group of American dancers facing off. In the face of a challenge, it’s clear that J-Hope has a fire about him, especially when the challenge has to do with dancing – which in case you didn’t know, is totally his thing. It also helps that in the previous round, Jiminie was pushed off by that rude dancer dude.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I would have no problem with J-Hope showing more of his tough and dangerous side, as long as he remains our happy, joyful Hobi on the inside.



Thoughts on Confession #2: Funny enough, if you watch the video I mentioned above, you’ll see how good Hobi really is at dancing. It’s my understanding that him, Jiminie and Jungkookie actually form the Dance Line of BTS (not sure if this is an official thing, but it’s what I’ve heard). There’s no doubt in my mind that Hobi is a fantastic dancer, and BigHit knows it too, by giving J-Hope a bunch of dance solos in songs such as We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2, and even performed at the 2014 MAMA Awards show alongside Jimin:

When it comes to Hobi and dancing, is he underrated? I would say so. But there’s no doubt in my mind that those who know about his massive talents in dance are surely going to let others know about it. (;



Thoughts on Confession #3: I think this Confession post may have been written by me. Just kidding, it’s not mine. But I totes agree. (;



Thoughts on Confession #4: You said it, sister. Do you mind if I call you ‘sister’? Probably, my real sister thinks I’m annoying. 😂 She’d happily hand me over. Well, she’s not wrong.

Anyway, back to the Confession. 🙂

Hobi is our hope. ❤



Thoughts on Confession #5: Why is so adorkable? I actually love his hair in that picture, like when his forehead is showing. (One time, my friend told me people started a petition for J-Hope to show his forehead again and my first thought was, “Where do I sign up?” XD) But anyway, he’s always flawless, no matter what hair style he has, as long as our Hobi is smiling, I’m smiling.



Thoughts on Confession #6: I really hate the fact that not many people have Hobi as their bias is holding them back. But that’s the entertainment industry for you. Without fans – and I mean, hardcore fangirls (or fanboys, I don’t discriminate), you can’t really get anywhere and that’s the truth. I mean, you can be the most talented person on Earth but you won’t be able to get anywhere if you don’t have a strong fanbase. And that’s what I wish Hobi had going for himself. He’s a part of BTS, this K-Pop band that’s gaining more popularity by the minute so he’s definitely getting recognition. But in terms of trying to be known as an individual artist, it’s hard to be recognized for your own, unique talents. And that goes for everyone, not just J-Hope. Everyone is trying to make it in this world, one way or another. I just wish everything didn’t have to be a popularity contest.

But aside from his talents as a musician and dancer, Hobi is the type of person that anyone would be lucky to get to know. I wish more people could see that it’s not all about looks in the K-Pop industry. You have to have substance, too – which is exactly what Hobi is all about. He seems so genuine, down to Earth and trustworthy. I envy his future lover.


Majority of the Confession posts I found regarding J-Hope focused on the fact that he has such a positive outlook on life that influences and inspires (infires) many others. However, at the same time, he’s also one of the most underrated members of BTS, which I hope (see what I did there?) will change in the coming future. Yes, he’s got the looks (then again, don’t they all?), but how about we zero in on that shining personality of his, eh?



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BTS Confessions: Jungkook

I recently learned about these tumblr pages that create Confessions sent in by anonymous ARMYs. I found these really interesting and decided to give my input on a few of them. Once again, full credits go to the owners of the images I will be using in this post, who are and

Without further ado, here are my comments on some of the Confessions I found about BTS’s very own, Jungkook!



Thoughts on Confession #1: I think that after BTS released their Dope music video was when ARMYs really started to see Jungkook as more than the fluffy bunny they used to see him. I don’t blame them. But after learning that people call him ‘legalkook’ and ‘the nation’s sugar daddy’, I’m kind of sick. We have to remember that he’s still 18. While he’s technically of legal age, he is still the youngest maknae of the group and I don’t think it’s in the fans’ place to be encouraging him to pursue a certain image. Yes, his image will change as he gets older, but it’s not up to ARMYs to decide what that image should be.



Thoughts on Confession #2: Jungkookie does  look incredibly young, but then again, he is still pretty young. I mean, I guess there are instances where he looks older than 18. But then … he looks 15 at the same time … ah, I see your point now.



That is the same boy is this one:

Christ, how does he do it?




Thoughts on Confession #3: I do often have the same thought – that Jungkook would receive majority of the lines, especially in the chorus and I believe that’s what this ARMY is getting at. But at the same time, we do get a chance to hear V, Jin and Jimin’s voices, too – just maybe not at the chorus, which is where the vocals are often ‘judged upon’. Here’s how I think it’s been working lately – Jimin and Jungkook share the lines for the chorus almost equally (Fire would be a good example) and Jin and V often get parts either before or after the chorus. I think the main reason why Jungkook is believed to have more parts is just because he happens to sing the chorus in majority of their songs. But I do think that the line distribution is becoming a lot more equal nowadays.



Thoughts on Confession #4: I think it would be really cool to go to the same school as Kookie, or any of BTS for that matter.


However, since we’re talking about Jungkook, I also think it would be cool to befriend him at school. He seems like he would be that golden child that every teacher loves; not necessarily a teacher’s pet but definitely a favourite. Jungkookie would probably also be the boy that every girl has a crush on. I think he’d also be very popular but at the same time, very reserved, if that makes sense. Like a cool kid that prefers to stand on his own, maybe with a small group of friends who have very similar personalities to him. I think that’s what would make it so cool to be his friend, because he would probably be quite reserved and selective about his friends. So you would be almost competing for his attention and friendship, which he would hopefully give us. (;

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BTS Confessions: Suga/Min Yoongi [Part 2/2]

I recently learned about these tumblr pages that create Confessions sent in by anonymous ARMYs. I found these really interesting and decided to give my input on a few of them. Once again, full credits go to the owners of the images I will be using in this post, who are and

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the link to the first part:

So here we go, part 2 to BTS Confessions: Suga/Min Yoongi. 



Thoughts on Confession #8: Well, this person definitely got to the point. First off, I think I need to make something clear. The members of BTS have such a strong bond, I believe it’s fair to say that it would hurt many to see it become broken. So I have to start off by saying that no I don’t agree that Yoongi needs to quit BTS at all. As for the overshadowing part, I somewhat agree, but in a group with 7 members, it’s bound to happen. One of the reasons why I love BTS so much is because of their range. They have songs about rebellion (e.g. N.O., No More Dream), sentimental songs (e.g. Young Forever, I Need U, Run) and upbeat songs (e.g. Fire, Dope, War of Hormone). Speaking of BTS songs, we can’t forget about the fact that Suga produced Tomorrow and Jump. Suga isn’t necessarily being forced to produce songs he doesn’t want to, slightly limited perhaps, but not forced. In conclusion, I think leaving BTS behind would be a bad move, not just Yoongi, but any of the members. Not because they aren’t capable of making it on their own, but BTS is what brought them to fame and it could just as easily bring them back down if they don’t make the right decisions.



Thoughts on Confession #9: I honestly wasn’t aware that this idea of Suga going solo was such a … talked-about one. Restating what I said above, leaving Bangtan wouldn’t be a good move and I truly hope Suga knows that. I mean, when you’re a part of something as big as BTS, you have to have your doubts. But like it says in the post, I hope Suga’s street smarts come into play if he ever has to consider making a decision such as this.



Thoughts on Confession #10: If I were ever asked to describe Yoongi in one word, it would be near impossible. A few words? I would say … caring, selfless and devoted. Suga has proven to be extremely giving.
Here’s a link to the video: (all credits go to Bangtan Subs)

The video takes place during Suga’s 21st Birthday. To show his appreciation for his fans, he prepares gifts for 300 ARMYs who will be attending his Birthday celebration. Not only does he pay for all this out of his own pocket, but he also includes personalized messages and hand-drawn pictures with it. I believe this is what the ARMY was talking about in the Confession. Here are some screenshots I took from the video:

Suga had initially anticipated that around 300 ARMYs would attend the fan meeting, so that’s how many he, with help from the others, prepared. However, about 350 ended up attending so a number of fans were unable to receive anything.Yoongi felt a little sad about this and said that he should have prepared more, which is ridiculous considering they made 300 of these gifts.

So I think Suga’s kind nature is definitely genuine and he cares so much. That’s the real Yoongi right there.

CONFESSION #11, 12, 13: 

Showing some more love for Min Yoongi. ❤
(These Confessions all ring true for me)

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BTS Confessions: Suga/Min Yoongi [Part 1/2]

I recently discovered several pages that create Confessions sent in by anonymous ARMYs. I found these really interesting and decided to give my input. While selecting the Confessions to comment on, I did not consider how much I agreed with the statements being made to be factors that influenced whether or not they would be included in this blog post. Once again, full credits go to the owners of the images I will be using in this post, who are and

Without further ado, here is my input on BTS Confessions: Suga/Min Yoongi

Note: Because I found a lot of these, I decided to split it up into 2 parts. This first part will feature 7 Confessions and the second part will feature 6 more.



Thoughts on Confession #1: I think this is spot on. Yoongi is very often thought of as the lazy hyung when it’s really the opposite. He works so hard and stays up all night for us ARMYs. I also read somewhere that he is always composing and coming up with lyrics throughout the day. That kind of dedication isn’t something to joke about. In fact, I think we need to appreciate it more. I agree with this ARMY and think that we need to stop associating Suga with mere laziness, but with pure devotion and commitment instead. To the ARMY who wrote this: You’re definitely not alone with this thought.



Thoughts on Confession #2: I like the fact that the first two confessions we’re seeing are about Yoongi’s dedication and passion for his career in music, which is honestly a force to be reckoned with. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times – Min Yoongi is one of the hardest workers I know. He puts so much time and effort into composing and producing. Because he is my bias, I’ve always paid attention to his lines in the songs. And needless to say, his talent for writing rings so clear. It’s also unbelievable that someone could even write a song like Tomorrow in middle school. I mean, in middle school, I couldn’t even tie my shoelaces properly, let along produce a kick-ass song.



Thoughts on Confession #3: I can’t even begin to explain the difficulty of the process of choosing one single bias. But for me, it was clear who stood out once I got to know all the members of BTS. So I would give a whole-hearted hurrah to this ARMY for being able to narrow it down to two biases. I’m delighted that one of them happens to be mine! BTS’s rapper line is really something special so if I were the ARMY who wrote this Confession, I wouldn’t beat myself up over having to choose two rappers as my biases.



Thoughts on Confession #4: Oh, classic Suga.
“Converse, Converse, I really hate converse.” – Suga, Converse High 
Since I recently posted an “All About Suga (Min Yoongi)” post, I’m not wondering if those lyrics have anything to do with his dislike of crowded places where you may be forced to converse  with individuals you don’t know. This might seem like a bit of a stretch, but maybe he isn’t really talking about the Converse shoes as much as he’s talking about the act of conversing and making conversation. That was a little tidbit of analysis to go with the Confession but I totally agree with the last statement because Suga is truly one of a kind. He really brings a fresh hip-hop vibe to Bangtan and knows how to have a strong, unique presence in songs and on stage.



Thoughts on Confession #5: Yoongi, please give tell us your secret.



Thoughts on Confession #6: Suga is his name, adorableness is his game.



Thoughts on Confession #7: Do I even need to say anything? Suga is the perfect blend of sugar and spice.


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