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BTS as BFs: Yoongi x Reader

Quote: “Shouldn’t the last words that you say before going to sleep each night be, “I Love You”?

Yoongi as a BF:
– always sleeping over at each other’s houses
cuddles galore
– pillow forts
– so. many. blankets.
– you guys dream about each other constantly
– you feel safe and at home with him
– you guys are so. comfortable. around each other
– some nights, you have deep convos
– other nights, it’s straight to bed
– he loves playing with your hair and watching you fall
– for nights you have to spend apart, you guys skype each other despite being sleepy 

How You Met:  It was a cold, but beautiful snowy evening. While there was snow on the ground and on the trees, there was a special feeling of love and magic in the air.

You approached the crosswalk, waiting for the signal to turn, taking this time to pause the music coming from your headphones. Yoongi was already waiting there and as you looked down to pause the playlist, he couldn’t stop staring at you and of course, you had to take notice.  He introduced himself and you did the same for yourself. He told you he really liked the scarf you were wearing. You thanked him and you both stood there awkwardly until he offered his phone number and asked if you’d like to come over to his house for some hot cocoa sometime. He added that you could listen to some songs he liked together. You looked so cute with your headphones and scarf, he would do anything to get to know you better. He even mentioned that he had a dog, but you knew that his charm was enough to get you interested.

The conversation ended when the signal turned green and you both had to walk your separate ways. You both gave each other a timid smile and said your goodbyes. But later that night, you’d gather up the courage to call him and you two would schedule a date the following week.

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Yoongi: Constellation Necktie aka My Death 🌠

I woke up to see these pictures and honestly, that’s the very definition of a ‘Good Morning’ right there. Or a ‘Good Night’ because these also immediately killed me. Like, how does one look so damn good? ;-; (I’m feeling so attacked, I don’t know what else to say, other than that this Era has been very good to him.)