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“Jungkook and I use the same lotion?!”

And look what I happened to have:

😂 I guess I know how Jungkook smells.

(And he now knows how I smell, too. 😱)

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BTS Birthday Games

Here’s how it works:

Select what applies to you for each category (Birth date, Birth month, What colour shirt you’re wearing, etc.) and at the end, you should have your completed results. 


For example, let’s say … 

  1. My Birth date is on the 9th: Suga
  2. My  Birth month is April: Proposed to me
  3.  I’m wearing a white shirt, which is Other: Because I’m his girlfriend.

So, altogether: Suga proposed to me because I’m his girlfriend.

(If only it were true, x sigh x)

Alright, well that’s how you do it! Off you go and let me know in the comments what you get. (;


Disclaimer: I am not the owner/creator of these (although I wish I was because these are absolute genius and awesome). So once again, due to my lack of creativity, I give full credit to the owners and creators of these. Thanks!

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My iSketch Win: Representing BTS ARMYs



Hey guys. Do you know about this game called iSketch? Well, if you don’t, you should check it out. So I was playing with my friend and we used the username Infires to represent the BTS ARMYs in an intense game of iSketch, which is similar to Pictionary. As you can see in the picture, the winning word was deodorant.

Funny stuff.

Infires reference? Here’s the link to that: