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{Day 6: Yoongi’s Awesomeness} – 30 Day BTS Challenge

30 Day BTS Challenge (2)

{DAY 6} – Favourite thing about your bias 

Ah, where do I begin to describe my bias, Min Yoongi? How can I even narrow it down to my absolute favorite thing about Yoongi? Gah, I clearly did not think this through when I made that 30 Day BTS Challenge.

I think my favourite thing about Min Yoongi is his awkward and adorable side. I love the fact that he tries to be this bad-ass Hip Hop star and rapper that spits fire lyrics (which he is) (also, no pun intended), but as much as he denies it, he’s the cutest 23 year old ever. I mean, even his name screams cute: Min Yoongi. It’s very difficult to explain his adorableness in words so here are a few videos to help me explain:

Aw, he’s such a cute and awkward little marshmallow. Yoongi, we shall be awko tacos forever.



I’m extremely LGBTQ+ friendly and I love to read novels for young adults. I also like to dabble in Korean pop culture. I’m quite knowledgeable in (dead) memes and vines, and can usually be found bopping to the Wii channel music while doing calculus homework.

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