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{Day 4: BTS as Food?} – 30 Day BTS Challenge

30 Day BTS Challenge (2)

{DAY 4} – BTS members as food items?

Like most people, I often have thoughts about what food my favourite musicians/celebrities would be.

Jin is like strawberry mousse cake. They’re both adorned in shades of pink and are insanely sweet and good looking.

J-Hope is like a cup of matcha bubble milk tea. Green happens to be Hobi’s favourite colour and like Hobi, bubble tea always has the power to cheer us up.

Jungkook is like a chocolate chip cookie. You may be surprised to find that they’re both surprisingly chewy and warm on the inside.

V is like an M&M cookie. They get right along with chocolate chip cookies. But they’re a wilder version.

Suga is like a plate of nachos. They’re crunchy but can easily be softened by a little cheese.

Rap Monster is like a pear. Both have a crunch to them and are in many aspects, a unique fruit.

Jimin is like a cinnamon bun. He’s sweet and ooey gooey. Jimin’s abs can be considered the icing on the cake.



I’m extremely LGBTQ+ friendly and I love to read novels for young adults. I also like to dabble in Korean pop culture. I’m quite knowledgeable in (dead) memes and vines, and can usually be found bopping to the Wii channel music while doing calculus homework.

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