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{Day 1: Planning a Date with Yoongi} – 30 Day BTS Challenge

30 Day BTS Challenge (2)

{DAY 1} – Plan the perfect date for you & your bias

* Takes a deep breath *

Disclaimer: Before we begin, this story is complete fiction and based off of a figment of my imagination (although if Yoongi is reading this and wants it to be as real as I do, I’m willing to drop everything to discuss it). Please enjoy!


I woke up to several soft nudges on my right shoulder. I opened my eyes groggily and rolled over to find myself face to face with my boyfriend, Min Yoongi, who gave me a long kiss on the lips, and in a sing-song voice, he said, “Good morning, beautiful.” He smiled and barely holding in his excitement he said, “Do you know what day it is today?” I replied, barely awake, “No, please lemme slee-” All of a sudden, the covers were ripped from my body as Yoongi yelled at the top of his lungs and shoved me playfully, “It’s your Birthday, silly! And you remember what that means, right?” I sat up and rubbed my eyes. He continued, “I am going to take you wherever you want. So tell me. What will it be, princess?” The room got quiet for a bit. I finally said, “Can I decide after we eat breakfast?” to which Yoongi happily replied, “Fresh breakfast made by yours truly coming up!”


“Bacon and pancakes! Bon appetit!” smiles Yoongi as he puts a helping of crispy bacon and home-made pancakes onto my plate. Without a word, we both began to eat and I couldn’t help but wonder what I did to get this lucky.

I looked around the living space of our shared apartment. Picture frames with photos that we had taken from our various trips around the world hung in the hall leading to the kitchen and living room. Just to name a few, we had pictures of us canoeing in Switzerland, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and sightseeing in Singapore. Our living room consisted of 2 couches: a jet black modern leather one that Yoongi had picked out and a comfy overstuffed one that my parents had gladly given to me and Yoongi as a house-warming gift. The couches were littered with an assortment of plushies, some given to Yoongi by fans and some of my favourite childhood ones.

A small bird landed on the windowsill overlooking the balcony and caught my eye. That’s when I noticed how beautiful and sunny it was outside. “How about … a picnic in a nice park or something?”I saw that Yoongi was taken aback a little by my … mild request. But we’ve been all over the world and we’ve had so many life changing adventures. I really wanted to take it nice and easy for my Birthday. After a few seconds of silence, which made me extremely nervous for some reason, he said, “I’ve got it! I know exactly where to go.”


All he told me was to pack whatever lunch I wanted so I made some Caesar salad and BLT sandwiches and told him I was ready to go. He was upstairs at the time so at the sound of my voice, he ran down carrying a duffel bag with contents he wouldn’t tell me about, no matter how many times I asked him. Eventually, I gave up and watched suspiciously as he threw the duffel bag and the picnic basket into the truck and headed to the car. Yoongi was so excited, it amazed me. Sure he was ecstatic every time we boarded a plane with a new destination set in place but this was new. He told me that where we’re going wouldn’t be very far. So soon enough, we were in his car heading towards an unknown location. After a while, I could tell we were heading towards my home town, Toronto but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Suddenly, Yoongi told me to close my eyes, which I did – nervously but nonetheless, obediently. After a good 5 minutes of feeling like we were somehow driving on an upwards incline. “Okay, you can open your eyes now, babe.” Yoongi said.

I opened my eyes and gasped at the beautiful sight of cherry blossom trees and so many of them too. Majestic water fountains lined with statues of Greek Gods, including Aphrodite and Morpheus. We were in Toronto’s very own High Park. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t crowded at all, which was perfect because Yoongi and I disliked large crowds and noise very much. It was perfect – calm, peaceful and relaxing. We dined silently, cracking a few jokes now and then as we always do. After we ate, we sat staring at a small handful of children playing around in the water fountains, laughing and splashing water on each other. The sound of giggling children became distant as the children began to leave. My head rested on Yoongi’s shoulder the whole time. The discussion topics jumped from his latest song releases, my family life and our relationship. We spoke a lot about the future. We loved being in each other’s presence so much. I was the realist and he was the dreamer. I anchored him down and he inspired me everyday. Yoongi and I were whole-heartedly committed in this relationship and seeing those children made me think about when we might have our own. Being the eldest of 2 siblings has always made me love the presence of children. I believe they’re the ones who keep us innocent and hopeful.

While we were talking, he turned to look at me suddenly. I couldn’t help blushing because his eyes twinkled as they met mine. I leaned in and I felt his lips touch mine. They were as soft as I remember. Our lips separated after a while and I watched as his lips moved to a quick smirk. “What? What is it?” I quickly asked out of fear. He looked behind me and I was reminded of the duffel bag again. I said to him, “You never told me why you brought … whatever is in there.” Without another word, he took my hand, grabbed the empty picnic basket and the mysterious duffel bag and we ran down to the empty water fountains. Yoongi took off his shoes and socks, and instructed me to do the same. After we were both left bare foot, he took a step into the fountain and holding my hand, led me in. The water was cool but refreshing. “This still doesn’t answer my que-” I was cut off as a splash of ice cold water hit my body. “Yoongi!” He grinned. “What are we going to do? We didn’t bring any extra clothes!” Then it dawned on me. That’s what was in the duffel bag. Extra clothes. We played in the water, splashing each other and laughing until we were drenched, for what seemed like hours. I was trembling from the cold and I guess Yoongi noticed because he pulled me in close for a hug and I found that he was still surprisingly warm. We located the washrooms and headed our separate ways into the men’s and women’s restrooms with the extra clothes that Yoongi so slyly packed.

As I was changing, I realized that Yoongi had packed my nice clothes that I only wore for special occasions, (which, in retrospect, made sense, I guess): a teal strapless dress and beige cardigan. But paired with my black Converse highs, it looked pretty casual overall. I left the restroom and saw Yoongi a few metres away checking his phone. He looked good too, with a white dress shirt, black vest and black jeans on. He quickly looked up and stuffed his phone in his pocket at the sound of my voice. “Have you got something planned for us now, too?” I asked, not being able to conceal my caution and uncertainty. Yoongi gave another one of his precious smiles, winked at me and took my hand as we walked back to the car. “Just you wait, my dear. Just you wait.”


We left the beautiful green and pink scenery of the park and headed into the city. Thoughts flurried around in my mind. “Downtown Toronto has a lot of clubs and bars, but he knows I get nervous and hate those settings. Maybe he’s taking me shopping? I know the Eaton Centre has tons of stores. But I was never one to shop much anyway.” My thoughts continued on like this for several minutes before I realized the car was finally coming to a stop. I looked to my left and saw the most beautiful restaurant I had ever seen, Carmello’s. Yoongi came around and opened my door for me, holding my hand and leading me towards the grand entrance. We walked in and saw a fountain that resembled a smaller version of the one at High Park which made us look at each other and stifle some giggles. The lady at reception smiled at the sight of us and greeted us with a, “Good evening, how may I help you?” Yoongi replied with, “Good evening, I believe we have made reservations for 2.”, grinning at me as he said this, causing me to raise my eyebrows a little but I smiled back nonetheless.

She looked down at her papers momentarily and returned to face us with an even wider smile. “Right this way.” she said as she showed us to our seats. It was beautiful and elegant. Huge crystal chandeliers hung from the 10ft ceilings.  The walls and tables were decorated with white and pastel blue sheets. 3 violin players played a graceful classical ballad. I was in complete and utter awe. Yoongi and I took our seats and it took me a while to realize that we didn’t have any menus in front of us. I was about to say something when our waiter, a young brunette that if I had to guess, was probably in her twenties, approached us and said, “Hello, I’m Miranda and I’ll be your server today. Here are your appetizers.” She set out 2 plates of Bruschetta topped with tomato and avocado, one of mine and Yoongi’s favourites, in front of us. “How did they know what we would order?” I said. “I pulled some strings ahead of time.” he said, winking at me. It was then that I noticed how empty the restaurant was. As we received our second rounds of champagne, I noticed the last restaurant guests slowly making their way out. After that, it was just the violin players serenading us in symphony after symphony and our waitress bringing us plates and plates of food. We had a great meal, with delicious lasagna, risotto and pizza.

We waited for desert to come around and soon enough, it did. Miranda, with the 3 violin players, 4 other waiters and the receptionist behind her, returned to our table with a dish covered by a metal domed plate cover. She grinned at us while motioning over to Yoongi to remove the plate cover. And underneath was a beautiful gold ring with a diamond centre inside a black box topped with a white bow. I could feel the tears starting to rise as Yoongi picked up the box, walked around to my side of the table and drop on one knee. “We’ve been together for 6 years and I can, without a doubt, tell you that they have been the best 6 years I’ve ever spent in my life, with anyone. And I want to continue to spend the rest of my life, with you. Will you marry me?” I launched out of my seat, a trembling mess, seconds away from bursting into hysterics, “Yes, Min Yoongi! Yes!”

The waiters, violin players and receptionist loudly applauded, cheered and clapped for us. It was then that Yoongi, with shaking fingers, placed the ring onto my ring finger and we embraced each other, kissing like we had never kissed before. “I love you so much.” I whispered as I lay my head on his shoulder. He couldn’t help the tears either as he told me he loved me with all his heart too. Miranda, wiping tears from her eyes, spoke next, “Let’s give the couple some space. Quillermo, Yosef and Hans, take it away.” The violin players began to play a beautiful, melancholy song and Yoongi took my hand and led me to an open space, where we danced the night away, with my head on his shoulder the whole time. This was truly unexpected. Yoongi and I were both very adventurous and had an intense love for nature (and photography), but we also both had an intense dislike of crowds and noise, so I should have known something was up when I noticed the empty tables in the restaurant. “You had this planned the entire time, didn’t you?” I asked him, only to have him give me a sly smile. “I was hoping you’d say something about having a relaxing day outside. You should be happy that I know you so well. ” Yoongi replied. “Um, happy?”, I started, “Oh gosh, Min Yoongi, I’m at a loss for words.” He said, “Well, of course you’re at a loss for words. It’s hard to speak when you’re kissing me.” I said, “But I’m not-“, I was interrupted as Yoongi pressed his lips against mine, with his hand on my lower neck, gently pushing us together.


It was nearly eight o’ clock when we left the restaurant, happier than we have ever been in our lives.Then it dawned on me, Min Yoongi and I were engaged. We’re going to have to plan a wedding. The thought had to roll around a few times in my head before it finally settled. I was ecstatic and nervous at the same time. Every girl dreams of their lucky day when the love of their life tells you that they want to be with you forever. And my lucky day also happened to be my Birthday. After what felt like an eternity of driving into the sunset, we arrived at our apartment building, which was when I realized how tired I was from the day we had today. Yoongi and I were both in our formal wear so we quickly changed into comfortable pajamas and jumped under the covers. We turned to face each other and ended the day like we started it, with a kiss on the lips and a gaze into each other’s bright and youthful eyes. With the exception of one thing that made tonight different – Min Yoongi was now my fiancé. And I was convinced that this was the beginning of a new life.

To be continued …



I’m extremely LGBTQ+ friendly and I love to read novels for young adults. I also like to dabble in Korean pop culture. I’m quite knowledgeable in (dead) memes and vines, and can usually be found bopping to the Wii channel music while doing calculus homework.

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