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BTS Confessions: V

Credit goes to and for the idea and ownership of these Confession posts! (´ε` )♡



Thoughts on Confession #1: V – he’s fun, bubbly and clearly a joy to be around. I also wish I could be friends with someone like him because he’s definitely best friend material. I can imagine having pillowfights at sleepovers, going to amusement parks (I’m absolutely terrified of roller coasters, mind you (((><)))) and making jokes while dying of laughter with someone like him (or him ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ).



Thoughts on Confession #2: People are so used to seeing V as a hyperactive little kid. As I’ve said numerous times, it’s hard to live up to an image that others assume you’re okay with having. I do think that V is just an innocent kid at heart so I understand why people would feel concerned if that were to change all of a sudden, but I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions. Sometimes people are just tired of being who others want them to be, at all times. They might also want to experiment with their image, if you will.



Thoughts on Confession #3: x Scrolls back up to Confession #1 x 
Can I be your friend then? 〜(><)〜



Thoughts on Confession #4: Oh, ARMYs. Like our name, we’re fighters and stand by our boys. But sometimes, just sometimes, we push it too far. Notice how I said ‘we’ instead of ‘they’. It’s because we all represent the fandom. You know the saying “One bad apple spoils the bunch“? That would apply perfectly to this situation. I mean, the girl was acting in the music video. It’s not like her and V made out after filming (and even if they did, who are we to judge what V does with his love life?). I think people just love to overreact when their idols even come in contact with a person of the opposite sex.



Thoughts on Confession #5: I feel like this Confession was most definitely aimed towards Confession #2. But I do agree. I mean, I hate when people confine others to an identity. I think this is me mostly speaking from personal experience but you wouldn’t like it very much if people wanted you to always look and act a certain way for it to be considered normal. Freedom in expression is very important to me so I feel that anyone, not just V, should be able to (as cheesy as it may sound) be themselves because there’s never been anything wrong with being honest with your true self.



Thoughts on Confession #6: I know that a lot of girls really like V because of his adorable and childish personality (it also helps that he’s physically attractive as well). In fact, I think majority of ARMYs have him as their bias or bias wreckers. I’ve participated in a lot of polls that determine which member is the most popular and it’s always V that receives the most votes. I know people love him but I do agree that he’s kind of overrated sometimes. For example, there was a poll for who the best rapper in BTS was. If you didn’t already know, V is a huge fan of Rap Monster, J-Hope and Suga’s Cypher Pt. 3.

So as a little bit of a joke, they put V as one of the options in the poll. And the results were Suga getting 52% of the votes, Rap Monster getting 25% , J-Hope with 10% and V with 14%. I mean, V isn’t even an official rapper of BTS and he got more votes than J-Hope. Just goes to show what popularity does for you. I might go as far as saying it’s a little insulting. Don’t get me wrong, V is a great guy but you can’t say that this isn’t just the slightest bit off:



Most people are aware that V is known as the “4D Alien” of BTS. Some people are happy about that because they think it enables them to know when something is wrong while others think that the name is downright limiting him to a certain personality. Regardless, I believe he’s an immature but fun-loving child at heart and he’s obviously well-liked by many, which is a problem for some. But it’s not a secret that people’s biases change all the time, so you never know – those are popular now may not be popular in the future. I just hope people remember that not everything is a popularity contest and what’s most important is that people have a chance to be who they really are without having the fear of being judged.



I’m extremely LGBTQ+ friendly and I love to read novels for young adults. I also like to dabble in Korean pop culture. I’m quite knowledgeable in (dead) memes and vines, and can usually be found bopping to the Wii channel music while doing calculus homework.

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