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All About Rap Monster!

Rap Monster, the leader of BTS: 🙂

Stage Name: Rap Monster

Birth Name: Kim Namjoon

Birthday: September 12, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

BTS Role(s): Leader, Rapper ♪ ♫

Blood Type: A

Family Members: Mother, Father, Younger sister

Favourite Number: 1

Favourite Colour: Black

Favourite Food: Meat, Korean noodles  🍗  🍝

Hobbies: Web browsing, Writing, Listening to music

Dislikes: Tight pants

Personality Traits: “God of Destruction” (prone to breaking things by accident), Clumsy, Intelligent (He has an IQ of 148 – damn)

Fun Facts: Rap Mon describes his ideal girl as someone who is tall, has a good voice, has pale skin, looks good in a white t-shirt, jeans and wears red Converse highs with their ankles showing. Throughout his 5 years of primary school, Rap Mon dreamed about having a job as a security guard in an apartment building. He is a supporter of lesbian and gay rights.

🌈 Source 🌈

“Rap Monster – btsdiary.” 2016. 30 Jun. 2016 <>



I’m extremely LGBTQ+ friendly and I love to read novels for young adults. I also like to dabble in Korean pop culture. I’m quite knowledgeable in (dead) memes and vines, and can usually be found bopping to the Wii channel music while doing calculus homework.

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