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BTS Confessions: Suga/Min Yoongi [Part 2/2]

I recently learned about these tumblr pages that create Confessions sent in by anonymous ARMYs. I found these really interesting and decided to give my input on a few of them. Once again, full credits go to the owners of the images I will be using in this post, who are and

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the link to the first part:

So here we go, part 2 to BTS Confessions: Suga/Min Yoongi. 



Thoughts on Confession #8: Well, this person definitely got to the point. First off, I think I need to make something clear. The members of BTS have such a strong bond, I believe it’s fair to say that it would hurt many to see it become broken. So I have to start off by saying that no I don’t agree that Yoongi needs to quit BTS at all. As for the overshadowing part, I somewhat agree, but in a group with 7 members, it’s bound to happen. One of the reasons why I love BTS so much is because of their range. They have songs about rebellion (e.g. N.O., No More Dream), sentimental songs (e.g. Young Forever, I Need U, Run) and upbeat songs (e.g. Fire, Dope, War of Hormone). Speaking of BTS songs, we can’t forget about the fact that Suga produced Tomorrow and Jump. Suga isn’t necessarily being forced to produce songs he doesn’t want to, slightly limited perhaps, but not forced. In conclusion, I think leaving BTS behind would be a bad move, not just Yoongi, but any of the members. Not because they aren’t capable of making it on their own, but BTS is what brought them to fame and it could just as easily bring them back down if they don’t make the right decisions.



Thoughts on Confession #9: I honestly wasn’t aware that this idea of Suga going solo was such a … talked-about one. Restating what I said above, leaving Bangtan wouldn’t be a good move and I truly hope Suga knows that. I mean, when you’re a part of something as big as BTS, you have to have your doubts. But like it says in the post, I hope Suga’s street smarts come into play if he ever has to consider making a decision such as this.



Thoughts on Confession #10: If I were ever asked to describe Yoongi in one word, it would be near impossible. A few words? I would say … caring, selfless and devoted. Suga has proven to be extremely giving.
Here’s a link to the video: (all credits go to Bangtan Subs)

The video takes place during Suga’s 21st Birthday. To show his appreciation for his fans, he prepares gifts for 300 ARMYs who will be attending his Birthday celebration. Not only does he pay for all this out of his own pocket, but he also includes personalized messages and hand-drawn pictures with it. I believe this is what the ARMY was talking about in the Confession. Here are some screenshots I took from the video:

Suga had initially anticipated that around 300 ARMYs would attend the fan meeting, so that’s how many he, with help from the others, prepared. However, about 350 ended up attending so a number of fans were unable to receive anything.Yoongi felt a little sad about this and said that he should have prepared more, which is ridiculous considering they made 300 of these gifts.

So I think Suga’s kind nature is definitely genuine and he cares so much. That’s the real Yoongi right there.

CONFESSION #11, 12, 13: 

Showing some more love for Min Yoongi. ❤
(These Confessions all ring true for me)



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