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BTS Confessions: Suga/Min Yoongi [Part 1/2]

I recently discovered several pages that create Confessions sent in by anonymous ARMYs. I found these really interesting and decided to give my input. While selecting the Confessions to comment on, I did not consider how much I agreed with the statements being made to be factors that influenced whether or not they would be included in this blog post. Once again, full credits go to the owners of the images I will be using in this post, who are and

Without further ado, here is my input on BTS Confessions: Suga/Min Yoongi

Note: Because I found a lot of these, I decided to split it up into 2 parts. This first part will feature 7 Confessions and the second part will feature 6 more.



Thoughts on Confession #1: I think this is spot on. Yoongi is very often thought of as the lazy hyung when it’s really the opposite. He works so hard and stays up all night for us ARMYs. I also read somewhere that he is always composing and coming up with lyrics throughout the day. That kind of dedication isn’t something to joke about. In fact, I think we need to appreciate it more. I agree with this ARMY and think that we need to stop associating Suga with mere laziness, but with pure devotion and commitment instead. To the ARMY who wrote this: You’re definitely not alone with this thought.



Thoughts on Confession #2: I like the fact that the first two confessions we’re seeing are about Yoongi’s dedication and passion for his career in music, which is honestly a force to be reckoned with. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times – Min Yoongi is one of the hardest workers I know. He puts so much time and effort into composing and producing. Because he is my bias, I’ve always paid attention to his lines in the songs. And needless to say, his talent for writing rings so clear. It’s also unbelievable that someone could even write a song like Tomorrow in middle school. I mean, in middle school, I couldn’t even tie my shoelaces properly, let along produce a kick-ass song.



Thoughts on Confession #3: I can’t even begin to explain the difficulty of the process of choosing one single bias. But for me, it was clear who stood out once I got to know all the members of BTS. So I would give a whole-hearted hurrah to this ARMY for being able to narrow it down to two biases. I’m delighted that one of them happens to be mine! BTS’s rapper line is really something special so if I were the ARMY who wrote this Confession, I wouldn’t beat myself up over having to choose two rappers as my biases.



Thoughts on Confession #4: Oh, classic Suga.
“Converse, Converse, I really hate converse.” – Suga, Converse High 
Since I recently posted an “All About Suga (Min Yoongi)” post, I’m not wondering if those lyrics have anything to do with his dislike of crowded places where you may be forced to converse  with individuals you don’t know. This might seem like a bit of a stretch, but maybe he isn’t really talking about the Converse shoes as much as he’s talking about the act of conversing and making conversation. That was a little tidbit of analysis to go with the Confession but I totally agree with the last statement because Suga is truly one of a kind. He really brings a fresh hip-hop vibe to Bangtan and knows how to have a strong, unique presence in songs and on stage.



Thoughts on Confession #5: Yoongi, please give tell us your secret.



Thoughts on Confession #6: Suga is his name, adorableness is his game.



Thoughts on Confession #7: Do I even need to say anything? Suga is the perfect blend of sugar and spice.


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